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Postal Town: Llanon

Gary Hiscott Llanon Art

'Maes Y Lli', , SY23 5HA

I live in Llanon on the Mid West Wales coast. My subject matter is drawn almost exclusively from the ever changing Welsh landscape and its towns and villages.
As a Christian, the created world offers me a way of expressing my faith and a way of opening peoples eye's to things that they have not been aware of.

Over the years my style has developed, changed and then been revisited, but there is always an emphasis on colour and broad expressive brush strokes … a playfulness. ...

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James Richards BSc Hons Pgce Pcet

, SY23 5HQ

"If you're an artist, you're an artist, if you run away from it, it will follow you. If you ignore it, it will get louder."
You can see a selection of my so-called 'urban roughs' freeform sketching from the heart......of Ceredigion. Please enjoy as i do!

All I need is a pen, some paper, uninterrupted quietness and my dog charlie, hello charlie! Recently my drawing has become free, ambiguous and questioning. Art is my right of passage, a tool, sometimes a trade, often a h ...

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