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Richard Brown

ArtHouse - TŷCelf, , SY23 2AU

Richard is an award winning multi-disciplined artist, mainly sculpture, frequently stone. Often humorous always beautiful, covering a wide variety of topics, from the purely aesthetic to a deeply quirky subjective view of life today.... “Art doesn't give you the answers, it merely raises the questions.” David Duchovny

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number14

Gwalia, , SA44 5RG

Paintings in acrylics, books, prints and cards of road transport scenes, landscapes of the road past and present.

Category:Members 2017

Gwalia, , SA44 5RG

Venue Number38
Opening Hours11am to 7pm
Open Dates20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th
Roni Roberts  - Artistic Woodcraft

Waunblaen, , SA43 1RW

A celebration of the beauty and diversity of local Welsh woods through woodturning and furniture making. Using both green and seasoned wood and allowing the wood itself to help determine what is made I plank, season and craft on site. My showroom is open all year by prior arrangement.

Laburnum, yew, oak, ash, elm, sycamore, cherry, apple, walnut, beech, gorse, hawthorn, plum, and many more have been used over the years – all with their own distinct character.

“It’s lik ...

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number39

Waunblaen, Felinwynt, , SA43 1RW

New cafe opened just up the road.

Venue Number35
Opening Hours10am to 4pm
Open Dates12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th
Rose Sanderson

Ferwig, , SA431QA

Originally based in Bristol, Rose has recently moved to Wales after spending two years exploring projects in America. Her work is inspired by the natural world; delicate, yet expressive paintings which aim to provoke in an understated way; producing pieces that are empathetic, fresh and intriguing.

Rose has exhibited in a number of Cities within the UK, and others further afield including Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. O ...

Category:Members 2017

RSPB Ynys Hir, Dyfi Furnace, , SY20 8TA

Venue Number1
Opening Hours9am to 5pm
Sandyprints - Sandra McCarthy

Gwynfro, Ferwig, , SA43 1PX

Sandy is a member of the Royal photographic society,a self taught Photographer, taking pictures of the local area as she finds it. Sandy has been a glider pilot, a traveler and is a keen lover of rural life. Many pictures depict animals and plants as well as places.

Stiwdio twlc mochyn' (pigpen studio ) will show framed local views, flora and fauna, there is always an opportunity to look at unmounted pictures, pictures on file and collections. Past work a ...

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Lanclynadda, , SA32 7DY

"Having worked in clay from a very early age, my dream has always been to create beautiful forms, designs and patterns on my pots.

To teach others the knowledge I have gained during this time, is my reason for offering potter's wheel courses as this is achievable for everyone". Yoka Kilkelly

Siramik's ceramics in a variety of designs are, amongst other places, available from Origin in Carmarthen, Cardigan Castle, Newport Gallery/Postoffice.

Category:Members 2017

Lanclynadda, Alltwalis, , SA32 7DY

Please drive SLOWLY through the yard of our neighbours, there are loose friendly animals around (dogs and ducks).

Venue Number54
Opening Hours10am till 3pm
Open Dates13th, 14th, 15th, 24th, 27th
Sophie Turner

Unit 13, Chapman Framing and Gallery, , SA46 0DX

Currently my work is influenced by my life long passion for horses and wildlife. Working with inks or oil paints I strive to capture the animal's movement, form and spirit.

Currently my work is influenced by my life long passion for horses and wildlife in particular crows and hares. Working with inks or oil paints, I'm always striving to capture the animal's movement, form and spirit with as few marks of the brush or willow as possible, as if it were a signature or some sort o ...

Category:Members 2017
Stefan Samociuk - Geometric Languages

Penlon Farm, , SA47 0QN

When you look inside prime numbers you find an inherent geometric language with syntax and narrative. What's a geometric language?

Explanation Here ( link is ...

Stuart Hampton

ArtHouse - TŷCelf, , SY23 2AU

Hi there!! I am an artist, Musician and Illustrator who likes to promote good vibes, peace, love and nature. I am inspired by the hippie movement. I love to explore consciousness through creativity.

Past clients include - The Grateful Dead, Joy Division, The Velvet Underground.

Lets create a commune!

The Freeriver Community Project is creating a community of peace-loving people who can live together in a supportive, enric ...

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number14
Sue Lee - Marmalade Cat Designs

I make hand printed silk screened textiles such as wash bags and pencil cases with my own designs that are based on harbours, wildlife and houses. I also make colourful collages, mixed media prints and cards. I am inspired by my children's drawings and memories of favorite places.

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number11
Sue Powell: Pebbles in the Sand

.... designs inspired by the sea

As a felt artist I use wet felting techniques in order to capture the wild beauty of the Welsh coast and the character and antics of many of the seabirds that frequent it. As well as pictures, I also create a wide range of other items, which I sell at exhibitions, shows and via my online shop. 

All events are listed on my website.

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number30
Tez Marsden Photos

Pontsaith Garreg, Brynberian, , SA41 3TQ

Tez Marsden is a photographer based in North Pembrokeshire.  He photographs this wonderful area from the top of the Preseli Hills down to the stunning coastline.  He sells his work framed, mounted, on canvas and as greeting cards.  He also runs one to one and small group photography workshops.

He is a member of the Newport Collective w ...

Category:Members 2017
The Bay Gallery

18 Pier Street, , SY23 2LJ

The Bay Gallery was set up in July 2016 to fill a need for an art space to promote and sell local art and craft. We regularly change the artists being promoted to give as many as possible the opportunity to show and sell their work

Category:Members 2017

Corner Pier Street/New Street, , SY23 2LJ

Long term parking in Church yard at end of New Street and several cafe's in the immediate area

Venue Number13
Opening Hours10.00am to 5.30pm
The Cwtch Gallery

The Cwtch Gallery, Cletwr, , SY20 8PN

The Cwtch Gallery, Cletwr, Tre'r Ddôl, SY20 8PN. Owned and run by the local community, Cafe Cletwr hosts varied exhibitions, courses and events all year round, alongside quality food and drink, fresh local produce and crafts. Situated near to Cwm Cletwr nature reserve.

This summer's Art Trail exhibition is titled 'Transformation' and features artworks by three local artists: Ann Conway, Flic Eden and Sue Colbeck. Ann is a mixed media artist and member of Tywyn Art Group. Flic ...

Category:Members 2017

Cletwr, , SY20 8PN

Venue Number3
Opening Hours9.30 am to 5pm Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 4pm Sunda...

Falcondale Drive, , SA48 7RX

A 4star country house hotel located just one mile outside Lampeter in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

Venue Number31
Opening Hours8am to 10pm
The Picturemakers

Bronglais Hospital Canteen, Bronglais Hospital,

The Picturemakers is a mutually supportive collective of visual artists based in mid-Wales. Our painting styles range from representational to abstract. Much of our work is rooted in the natural world but also reflects contemporary life. See more of our work on our website and Facebook.

Our ethos is one of continuous improvement and mutual encouragement to develop and become ever more professional in our practice. We meet for regular group discussions to share our work; both w ...

Category:Members 2017

Bronglais Hospital Canteen, Bronglais Hospital, , SY23 1ER

Lindsay Davies, Rosemary Fahimi, Philip Huckin, Greteli Morton, Patrick Owen, Dilwyn Roberts, Karl Sylvester, Shelley Upton, Ann Williams

Venue Number8
Opening Hours10am - 8pm
Town & Country - Nancy Thomas

Ty Celyn, , SY23 1EW

I've recently come back to painting after too many years of being "busy".  My paintings are lighthearted and colourful.
I paint from memory and experience. I chop,change and rearrange what I've seen but always strive to retain what I perceive to be the essence of Welsh towns and countryside.

I have currently work displayed in Oriel y Bae and Oriel Aeron

Category:Members 2017
Valerie Price-West

Cader Inn, , SA40 9RE

All my work is very personal capturing an experience, a moment in time. I try to portray the bond you develop with the intelligent equine as well as the loyalty they have to you as a trusted friend.  Capturing the sense of togetherness, working as one, the feeling that no words are needed as we are on the same level.

Category:Members 2017
Venue Number63

Cader Inn, Ty Mawr, , SA40 9RE

Venue Number42
Opening Hours11am - 6pm
Open Dates14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th
Wendy Earle

Blaen Cwm Cadifor, , SA44 4PB

I am now making large sculptures for particular settings in our cwm, keeping in mind the plants and animals that might well be encouraged by my pieces of work.

Category:Members 2017

Blaen Cwm Cadifor, , SA44 4PB

We have limited space for parking and the walk up across Woodland Trust Land is delightful. Strong footwear is advisable should you wish to wander about on our trails.

Venue Number40
Open Dates12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th

Y Talbot, The Square, , SY25 6JL

Venue Number27
Opening Hours9am-10pm