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Postal Town: Carmarthen


Lanclynadda, , SA32 7DY

"Having worked in clay from a very early age, my dream has always been to create beautiful forms, designs and patterns on my pots.

To teach others the knowledge I have gained during this time, is my reason for offering potter's wheel courses as this is achievable for everyone". Yoka Kilkelly

Siramik's ceramics in a variety of designs are, amongst other places, available from Origin in Carmarthen, Cardigan Castle, Newport Gallery/Postoffice.

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Lanclynadda, Alltwalis, , SA32 7DY

Please drive SLOWLY through the yard of our neighbours, there are loose friendly animals around (dogs and ducks).

Venue Number54
Opening Hours10am till 3pm
Open Dates13th, 14th, 15th, 24th, 27th