Tim Strang


Colour and monochrome digitally produced photographs. Subject matter; built and natural environments. Examples; urban dereliction, juxtaposition of large infrastructure in natural landscapes.

WHERE: Corgam, Bwlchllan, Lampeter SA48 8QR

Make Bwlchllan chapel your starting point. Travel north-west on the B4576, and head in the direction of the village of Penuwch. A mile and a half from the chapel, having turned right on continuation of B4576, you’ll find a turning on the left side of the road – Lime Firms – you have reached your destination! Do NOT use satnav in the final stages of your journey!

CONTACT: Tel: 01974 821358
email: trstrang@gmail.com
website: www.timstrang.com

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been directly involved in the construction, design and the land-based industries for all my working life. As a consequence, I have developed a keen interest in the observation of detail of the landscape in the fullest sense of the word. The physical juxtaposition of the built and the ‘natural‘ environment with each other often present noteworthy and illuminating visual imagery.

But the physical siting of buildings also betrays our relationship with our surroundings in a more complex way.  How do humans reconcile their dual aims of fulfilling their spiritual needs to surround themselves with ‘nature‘ , with the necessity of providing physical comforts – met by power stations, homes, industrial plant and  managed landscapes?

My exploration of these themes in photography is an attempt to portray the complex visual impacts as well as to articulate the dichotomous nature of our relationship with what surrounds us every moment of the day.

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