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Spring 21 Directory

Spring 21 Directory

Welcome to our Online Art & Craft Trail Directory

Well for over a year now we have had to learn to live with Covid. How many times have we all thought we will soon get back to some sort of normal? As time goes on, we realise it’s going to be while. So as a result, we have decided to publish our Directory online for the time being as it impossible to know when or how we can organise our Trail for 2021.

Despite the current restrictions I am pleased to say that many of our members have found innovative ways of continuing to work and reach their public.

I hope that you will find within these pages inspiration to contact our Artists and as restrictions are eased, visit studios/venues when appropriate. As soon as we can we will be organising a proper “Trail” and this Directory will be published as a printed booklet in the usual way.

The Trail on-line shop and those of our members are open and I hope you will find Art and Artworks there to purchase.

Keep an eye out for announcements on the “Trail” website for news as to what we will be organising later this year.

Jamie Herschel (Chair)
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No-self (2)
'No-self (2)' by Susan Forster £245.00
No-self (3)
'No-self (3)' by Susan Forster £245.00
'Tree' by Susan Forster £245.00
Tree (2)
'Tree (2)' by Susan Forster £245.00
St Marylebone
'St Marylebone' by Susan Forster £245.00
The Water’s Edge
'The Water’s Edge' by Sarah Jones £90.00
The Old Bridge at Hafod
'The Old Bridge at Hafod' by Sarah Jones £90.00
Soar Y Mynydd
'Soar Y Mynydd' by Sarah Jones £50.00
Through the Oaks Ynyshir
'Through the Oaks Ynyshir' by Sarah Jones £140.00
'Aberystwyth' by Aerwen Griffiths £250.00
Y Lon Goed , Longwood
'Y Lon Goed , Longwood' by Aerwen Griffiths £180.00
Cors Caron, Tregaron
'Cors Caron, Tregaron' by Aerwen Griffiths £320.00
Bwydo’r barcud coch yn Nant yr arian
'Bwydo’r barcud coch yn Nant yr arian' by Aerwen Griffiths £220.00
Target 10
'Target 10' by Glenn Ibbitson £500.00
Target 8
'Target 8' by Glenn Ibbitson £560.00
Under Grey Arches
'Under Grey Arches' by Glenn Ibbitson £220.00
'Coronet' by Glenn Ibbitson £220.00
Sarn Helen
'Sarn Helen ' by Pebbles in the Sand £195.00
'Redshanks' by Pebbles in the Sand £160.00
On the Quay
'On the Quay' by Pebbles in the Sand £170.00
'Limpets' by Pebbles in the Sand £65.00
'Cwtch' by Pebbles in the Sand £185.00
Curlew at the Water's Edge
'Curlew at the Water's Edge' by Pebbles in the Sand £170.00
01 Devil's Bridge to Istanbul
'01 Devil's Bridge to Istanbul' by Ag Cain £3.00
02 Our Beautiful Aberystwyth Sunsets
'02 Our Beautiful Aberystwyth Sunsets' by Ag Cain £3.00
03 Croeso i Aberystwyth
'03 Croeso i Aberystwyth' by Ag Cain £3.00
04 If it's ice-cream they're after...
'04 If it's ice-cream they're after...' by Ag Cain £3.00
05 Holiday of a lifetime
'05 Holiday of a lifetime' by Ag Cain £3.00
06 It's lovely anytime of the year...
'06 It's lovely anytime of the year...' by Ag Cain £3.00
07 We come every year...
'07 We come every year...' by Ag Cain £3.00
08 Abroad! Not likely!
'08 Abroad! Not likely!' by Ag Cain £3.00
09 Machynlleth
'09 Machynlleth' by Ag Cain £3.00
11 One day...
'11 One day...' by Ag Cain £3.00
12 Welsh Seaside
'12 Welsh Seaside' by Ag Cain £3.00
13 Wales for the wildlife
'13 Wales for the wildlife' by Ag Cain £3.00
14 Our Glorious Cambrian coast
'14 Our Glorious Cambrian coast' by Ag Cain £3.00
15 Cymru
'15 Cymru' by Ag Cain £3.00
16 Come Rambling In Wales
'16 Come Rambling In Wales' by Ag Cain £3.00
17 There's more than one way...
'17 There's more than one way...' by Ag Cain £3.00
18 Drink Gin... Lots of it!
'18 Drink Gin... Lots of it!' by Ag Cain £3.00
19 Famous Old Soak
'19 Famous Old Soak' by Ag Cain £3.00
20 Get Bicycling
'20 Get Bicycling' by Ag Cain £3.00
21 Wilsons Umbrellas
'21 Wilsons Umbrellas' by Ag Cain £3.00
22 Think before you sink!
'22 Think before you sink!' by Ag Cain £3.00
23 Tidal Surges
'23 Tidal Surges' by Ag Cain £3.00
24 The Eye Test
'24 The Eye Test' by Ag Cain £3.00
25 Accidental Breezes
'25 Accidental Breezes' by Ag Cain £3.00
26 Naturism
'26 Naturism' by Ag Cain £3.00
27 Tyburns
'27 Tyburns' by Ag Cain £3.00
28 Myths & Legends of Santa Claus 1
'28 Myths & Legends of Santa Claus 1' by Ag Cain £3.00
29 M. LeBlanc (with Rhodri) in CARDIGAN
'29 M. LeBlanc (with Rhodri) in CARDIGAN' by Ag Cain £3.00
30 M. LeBlanc (with Rhodri) in ABERYSTWYTH
'30 M. LeBlanc (with Rhodri) in ABERYSTWYTH' by Ag Cain £3.00
31 Explore Wales
'31 Explore Wales' by Ag Cain £3.00
32 Parrs Soap (1954)
'32 Parrs Soap (1954)' by Ag Cain £3.00
Aqua Pendant
'Aqua Pendant' by Jude Riley £17.50
Blue Leaf Earrings
'Blue Leaf Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Marbled Stud Earrings
'Marbled Stud Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Pink Stud Earrings
'Pink Stud Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Turquoise Spiral Earrings
'Turquoise Spiral Earrings' by Jude Riley £12.50
Black and Pink Earrings
'Black and Pink Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Blue Necklace
'Blue Necklace' by Jude Riley £30.00
Copper Rectangle Earrings
'Copper Rectangle Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Pink Square Pendant
'Pink Square Pendant' by Jude Riley £15.00
Pink Teardrop Earrings
'Pink Teardrop Earrings' by Jude Riley £15.00
Violet Heart Pendant
'Violet Heart Pendant' by Jude Riley £15.00
Red Heart Pendant
'Red Heart Pendant' by Jude Riley £15.00
Summer Days in Aberystwyth
'Summer Days in Aberystwyth' by Penny Samociuk £45.00
Evening Tide II
'Evening Tide II' by Penny Samociuk £45.00
Early Evening Wave
'Early Evening Wave' by Penny Samociuk £45.00
Coloured Pebbles
'Coloured Pebbles' by Penny Samociuk £45.00
An Evening Wave
'An Evening Wave' by Penny Samociuk £45.00
Aberystwyth North Beach
'Aberystwyth North Beach' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberystwyth Murmerations
'Aberystwyth Murmerations' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberystwyth South Beach
'Aberystwyth South Beach' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Consti's View Aberystwyth
'Consti's View Aberystwyth' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberystwyth Pier
'Aberystwyth Pier' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aber Currents II
'Aber Currents II' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberystwyth North Prom
'Aberystwyth North Prom' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Emerald Wave
'Emerald Wave' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Wave II
'Wave II' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Sunset Wave
'Sunset Wave' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
A Different Aberaeron
'A Different Aberaeron' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Early Morning in Aberaeron
'Early Morning in Aberaeron' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberaeron Harbour Bridge
'Aberaeron Harbour Bridge' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
A New Day, Aberaeron
'A New Day, Aberaeron' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Aberaeron Harbour
'Aberaeron Harbour' by Penny Samociuk £30.00
Bonnie & Clive
'Bonnie & Clive' by Jo Taylor Art & Illustrations £35.00
'Squash' by Jo Taylor Art & Illustrations £60.00
'Horizon' by Jo Taylor Art & Illustrations £60.00
There’s Honey on the Bread Now
'There’s Honey on the Bread Now' by Jo Taylor Art & Illustrations £60.00
'Aberaeron ' by Bow Street Art £50.00
Hafod Estate
'Hafod Estate' by Bow Street Art £50.00
Powis Castle
'Powis Castle' by Bow Street Art £50.00
Brecon Beacons National Park
'Brecon Beacons National Park' by Bow Street Art £50.00
'Llangrannog' by Bow Street Art £50.00
South Beach Aberystwyth
'South Beach Aberystwyth' by Bow Street Art £50.00
Meadow Bow Street
'Meadow Bow Street' by Bow Street Art £50.00
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