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Attic Theatre Cawdor Hall, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AF, Carmarthenshire
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Attic Theatre (formerly The Attic Players) is an amateur group committed to producing the highest quality live entertainment. Attic Theatre is situated in Cawdor Hall under the clock tower in the centre of Newcastle Emlyn.

Presenting high quality productions throughout the year ranging from belly-laugh comedy through to devised work, serious drama and period pieces as well as more unusual pieces of theatre such as our recent productions of 'The Thrill of Love' and 'The Sound of Heavy Rain'.

We are also lucky enough to have created our very own full length feature film 'Tunnel Vision' as well as showing it on our multi-purpose projector facilities.
We welcome everyone who'd like to come along to get involved in acting, directing, stage management, prompt, set building and much more too!

Attic Theatre was formed in 1932 by Mrs Edwin James, when a small group of young people got together and formed a dramatic society known at that time as 'Newcastle Emlyn Dramatic Society'.

In 1976 the 'Junior Attics' came into being for young people between the ages of 8 and 16, and this group has gone from strength to strength under the expert guidance of Suzanne and Branwen Munn.

Not many small towns can boast an amateur dramatic society lasting over 77 years. May these dedicated people continue to be the 'treasures' in Newcastle Emlyn's 'attic' for many years to come.

(with thanks to Edith M Jenkins)
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  • The House Keeper


    Went to see this on Friday night. It was both serious and funny at the same time. It was done with American accents which might normally sound the death knell of an amateur production. Well not in this case at times I think I forgot I was not listening to real Americans. The acting was as good as I have seen on some professional stages. Overall a job wonderfully done and a very entertaining evening.
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Attic Theatre Cawdor Hall, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AF, Carmarthenshire

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