Kevin Pearse

Kevin Pearse

Tell us a little about what you make? 

Paintings in oil or acrylic.

Kevin PearseWhat inspires you and where do you find that inspiration? 

I am inspired by the Ceredigion landscape and the sublime in nature.That is a quality in the natural world of grandeur inspiring awe and wonder. I am also inspired by aesthetics and the history of art. 

Tell us about your favourite medium. 

My favourite medium is oil paint I love its visceral properties. 

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of being an artist or maker? 

In 2019 I retired from 30 years working in the NHS (Mental Health) as an Art Therapist. I believe in 'Art as Therapy' having freedom to express myself in the creative process is very therapeutic. 

The least favourite aspect of the  creative process is the 'struggle' to translate what I wish to visualise. 

What does being a member of the Ceredigion Art and Craft Trail mean to you? 

Being a member provides an opportunity to participate and contribute to the artistic and creative community of Ceredigion. 

How do you manage a work-life balance as an artist/maker? 

As I am retired and my children are grown, the' juggling' of a work-life balance is not 'key' in my life as in the past. 

What are you working on at the moment? 

I am working on a still life of flowers. 'Working on' for me means ruminating on the artwork even when away from the studio. Looking, exploring other visual possibilities in order to resolve 'the puzzle' of a painting. To make it 'work' to my satisfaction. 

How do you know when your work is finished? 

When an artwork is complete either I have achieved my artistic, aesthetic objectives or more usually I am no longer 'looking' being preoccupied by the image either at the easel or when musing away from the artwork. Continually glancing at the photo of the picture on my phone. Until I feel that there are no further alterations or additions required, it is then that I feel there is closure. 

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist/maker? 

The challenge between figuration and abstraction.That is whether to produce figurative or non figurative/abstract art in response to a subject. Yet attempting to negotiate the desire to communicate in a visual language that is understood by the general public. 

What advice would you give to new artists or makers at the start of their creative journey? 

Not sure I would give advice, as we are all individuals informed by our own visual practice that has been shaped by our sense of self and our understanding of the aesthetic in creative processes. 

But I do feel that I have benefitted from learning from others.