Samantha Boulanger

Samantha Boulanger

Tell us a little about what you make? 

I create mostly botanical and whippet themed art works, printmaking processes include linocuts, etchings, mono prints also mixed media collage, botanical eco-prints, photographs and cyanotypes. I also make quirky up-cycled foraged finery.

Samantha BoulangerWhat inspires you and where do you find that inspiration? 

I am really inspired by and work with nature in all its forms, patterns, textures, nature is my muse if you like. Also wildlife, landscapes & animals; particularly my whippet Guto! 

Tell us about your favourite medium. 

I have a keen interest in photography and printmaking, especially cyanotypes and botanical eco-printing, but I think my absolute fave is finding different ways to combine these processes together to create really quirky and unique artworks. 

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of being an artist or maker? 

Creating in my studio or outside in nature with my whippet Guto is indeed my happy place…I absolutely love it! My least favourite bit is the Admin and the ‘selling myself and my work’ bit! 

What does being a member of the Ceredigion Art and Craft Trail mean to you? 

As a rural freelance artist I tend to work alone, so it means a lot to me, it’s really nice to be a part of a collective and to be able to connect with other fellow creatives. Plus it’s really great to be able to take part in group shows. 

How do you manage a work-life balance as an artist/maker? 

I work from my studio at home, this enables me to find some balance between my work, deadlines, my physical and mental health and energy levels. I have learned to be flexible, accepting the days when I can’t work so much and enjoying the days when I can do more… I continuously do the best I can. 

What are you working on at the moment? 

I have recently been creating new up-cycled wares using my botanical eco-printed woolly blankets which I am very excited about, also, I’ve been working on getting new artworks framed and ready for this years upcoming shows, plus planning a new body of work for a solo show in December! 

How do you know when your work is finished? 

Intuitively, I guess... but I do sometimes rework ‘older’ creations, giving them a new lease of life, hmm, so maybe they are only really finished when they finally find their new homes?! 

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist/maker? 

Making a living, definitely…but  this really  is what I am meant to be doing and definitely what I’d  rather be doing as it makes me really happy! I’ve learned to adopt and appreciate a more simple lifestyle which I like! 

What advice would you give to new artists or makers at the start of their creative journey? 

Follow your heart, make art that you love, it will show through in your finished work. Research, learn, play and definitely experiment, some of my best work has resulted from happy accidents!