Kim Sweet

Kim Sweet

Tell us a little about what you make? 

Like many artists, I create many things in a number of ways. This includes growing food and plants, drawing these plants, making objects for eating and drinking them using clay and wood and finding ways to articulate what I see and learn from the natural world.

What inspires you and where do you find that inspiration? 

Nature is a huge inspiration, as is finding ways to record the impact that humans are having on it. I read a lot, and am most interested in voices which are on the edge of mainstream culture. There are so many huge issues and opportunities facing us, the biggest inspiration and challenge is finding ways to articulate and navigate these.  

Tell us about your favourite medium. 

I don’t have one favourite as I tend to use the medium most suited to what I am trying to create. Sometimes this is my garden, sometimes pen and ink on paper, sometimes photography, sometimes clay, sometimes wild plants with which I make folk medicine, sometimes words. 

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of being an artist or maker? 

I think that doing anything creative contains both mistakes/failures and successes. Things not working could be described as my least favourite parts of being an artist but this is actually when I learn the most. So, it becomes my favourite part! For me they are inextricably linked and important.  

What does being a member of the Ceredigion Art and Craft Trail mean to you? 

Creative communities are essential spaces for artists. CACT is a community which comprises a number of platforms and spaces, both virtual  and in real life. Being a part of this is vital as it helps to support artists in discussing, sharing ideas, making and showing their art. 

How do you manage a work-life balance as an artist/maker? 

As well as I can. 

What are you working on at the moment? 

My garden and the wilder landscape beyond this, botanical drawings, ceramic containers for food, drink and daily rituals. 

How do you know when your work is finished? 

When I have answered the question I wanted to explore. 

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist/maker? 

Being an artist/maker. 

What advice would you give to new artists or makers at the start of their creative journey? 

Start now. Be ambitious and humble. Ask questions. Support other artists. Collaborate. Stay curious. Make connections. Cultivate a sense of humour. Keep going.