Exhibition: Celebrating Community

 North Road, Ceredigion SY20 8PN, Wales North Road, Ceredigion SY20 8PN, Wales - Map Directions
6 January 2020

Tre Taliesin. Over the last year people in the community have taken   part   in   a   variety   of   activities   and   events   that   have

explored the local heritage and have helped in deciding what is significant about the locality. Ideas and information have been collected to contribute to the interpretation panels that will be placed on Storifa, the Story Place, which is outside the Cletwr building. Members of the Taliesin Art Group have contributed to Dathlu Cymuned – Celebrating Community by producing a series of drawings of distinctive buildings.  They have   also made paintings depicting various aspects of the villages. Two local photographers, Jon   Clarke   and   Neil   McGuff, have recorded images of ruined buildings, a mine chimney, a former chapel and details of the Cwm Clettwr   nature reserve. A felted landscape was produced by Jenny Dingle and members of the

community during a workshop at a Celebrating Community introductory event in February 2019. Illustrator Rachel Booth




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