Exhibition: Rob Davies 'Panarama'

 North Road, Ceredigion SY20 8PN, Wales North Road, Ceredigion SY20 8PN, Wales - Map Directions
5 March 2020


I have been photographing this view of Cors Fochno and the surrounding villages for three years. The photographs are taken from the site of a disused mine near the Coed Tafarn-fach, about 500ft above Taliesin, which is a twenty minute walk from our house. I’ve walked up there wearing shorts and a t-shirt or been wrapped up against a biting winter wind and marvelled at the changing sounds throughout the day - dawn is for the birds and dusk for the cars.

The seasons, the weather and the time of day all have an impact on the landscape. The colours, leaves, animals, fields, clouds, tides, shadows and atmosphere change to create a fluid, ever-changing tapestry. Each piece of land has a different use and this is expressed in these simple images.

In snow, bright sunshine or cloud so low you couldn’t see the horizon, I made these photographs on an old smart phone. This enabled me to travel light and enjoy the constant changes: sheep and cows moving from field to field; pasture grown and harvested; leaves turning and falling; tides ebbing and flowing; clouds and their shadows sliding by. It is a personal relationship, but one we all share.

05/03/20 – 30/04/20


Rob has exhibited widely throughout the UK, Europe, North and South America and represented by galleries in New York, Amsterdam and by GBS Fine Art in the UK.

Rob won the 'People's choice' prize at the 2016 National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny and has been Treasurer of the Pimlico Puffins, a swimming charity for those with disabilities, since 2005.

Rob has volunteered at the Cletwr since the community started the project in 2012.

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