Page 2 - CACT 2021 Spring
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Welcome to our Online Art & Craft Trail

              Well for over a year now we have had to learn to live with Covid. How
              many times have we all thought we will soon get back to some sort of
              normal? As time goes on, we realise it’s going to be while. So as a result,
              we have decided to publish our Directory online for the time being as it
              impossible to know when or how we can organise our Trail for 2021.

              Despite the current restrictions I am pleased to say that many of our
              members have found innovative ways of continuing to work and reach
              their public.

              I hope that you will find within these pages inspiration to contact
              our Artists and as restrictions are eased, visit studios/venues when
              appropriate. As soon as we can we will be organising a proper “Trail”
              and this Directory will be published as a printed booklet in the usual

              The Trail on-line shop and those of our members are open and I hope
              you will find Art and Artworks there to purchase.
              Keep an eye out for announcements on the “Trail” website for news as
              to what we will be organising later this year.

              Jamie Herschel (Chair)

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