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In conclusion  - Aberaeron Tourist Information Centre
   The Centre provides useful information but it is more than that, much more It provides a place for families to be exposed
   to a diverse amount of fascinating and varied forms of Art. When that wide eyed child enters clinging onto a crab bucket
   they can see the work of genuinely gifted locally based Artists. Some of these children will be inspired to take their paint
   books and plasticine and will become the next generation of designers/producers/crafters/painters. In the future, when
   their latest version of the iPhone is a finger implant, they may look back on their visit to Aberaeron TIC and cite that as a
   key influence.

   Best Bit:  Its hard to ignore the Fish and Chips and the Honey Ice Cream.  But do go and say Hi! to the Staff in the TIC.
   By the way:  The Act approving gas lighting for Aberaeron was in 1866.

          Words and Photos by Paul. Painting by Dawn. Both at Dawn’s Happy Paintings
                                               Copyright: Paul Flude 2019
                                  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and FURTHER READING

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