Page 7 - Art Trail Magazine April 2019
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Across the river is the Yacht Club and just like watching the
   Before feasting on the delights of the Town Centre take a left  birds migrate it is a sure sign of winter when a large crane
   turn behind the Anglican Holy Trinity Church where there  comes dockside and hoists the vessels out of the water and
   is a small Craft Centre, Clos Pengarreg.                   onto the car park.

   Turning back into the town centre note the green park area
   behind the bus stops on the coast road.. This has become
   since last year a place of special importance to the County;
   “The park known as Square Field has been designated a
   Centenary Field. In gaining the Centenary Field status, the
   field will be protected in perpetuity to honour the memory
   of the millions who lost their lives in the First World War.
   Cae Canmlwyddiant Ceredigion Centenary Field – Cae
   Sgwâr / Square Field, Aberaeron is the first Centenary Field
   in Ceredigion.

   Walk up Market Street, on the right  is the Town Hall
   containing the County Council Offices and worth a peek
   inside at the old photos and the library. You may enjoy
   wandering round the side streets and spotting some of the
   house names chosen by the Ship Captains who lived there
   and sailed to trade in those far flung destinations.

   Coming to the inner harbour you will see that the water level
   is maintained, even at low tide, by a shelf at the entrance.
   Although built to keep craft afloat it has an unplanned
   bonus, it’s a haven for crabs! Every child’s delight through
   the generations is a crab line and bucket. I do wonder how
   many times have some of these crabs been hauled out of the

                                                                         “Oh no! Not Again !”  Says the crab.

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