Page 3 - Art Trail Magazine August 2019
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                         Sometimes we need to support………………

                         Readers will see in this edition we have gone out on a limb a
                         little. The Art Trail is by its nature non-political and apart from the
                         active promotion of Art and Craft in Ceredigion, we are neutral as
                         far as possible on all matters.

                         It is therefore a little adventurous and just a little out of our
                         usual stance that we have in this edition a very full report of the
                         “Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI)” campaign.

                         Art can I believe be used in many ways to promote the general
                         wellbeing of all and sometimes in a particular way as in the case
                         of “BEACH ART AT POPPIT SANDS”

                         We have many members of the trail involved in this particular
                         venture and some of them have been very active and supportive
                         of the “Trail” over the years.

                         With this in mind I hope our readers will not object to our support
                         in return of this very worthwhile use of “Art”.


                                                             Jamie Herschel (CAT Chairman)
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