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                                                                   abrielle  Dudley  moved  to  Yr  Hen  Ysgol/
                                                                   The Old School at Capel Cynon a little over
                                                                   three years ago. It was a damp, dilapidated
                                                         Gand abandoned old school and frequently
                                                         flooded with rainwater that flowed down the hillside
                                                         and off the road every time it rained. How mad was

      It took three months to get the old assembly
      room and classroom decorated and arranged as
      a gallery having cured the flooding by dredging
      a ditch to divert the rainwater back to its proper
      place and draught proofed the doors and floors.

      The Gallery was opened in June 2016 and being
      summer the building  quite soon  dried out.  The
      result is a lovely gallery to at last display work
      that had been wrapped and stored for quite a few
      years. The big classroom/studio has been used for
      lessons since then. Gabrielle has been supported
      by her faithful few artists who had been coming
      to paint with her every week for years and had
      followed her through several moves. They could
      at last be comfortable when painting!

      Gabrielle‘s Gallery three years later is now quite
      unrecognisable and just about how Gabrielle saw
      that it would be when she took it on.

      You might think that there couldn’t have been time between the teaching and refurbishing for
      private commissions but several tile projects and numerous commissioned paintings have been
      completed during these last three years.

      Gabrielle’s Gallery is now a great place to spend some time. Open every day during the summer
      holidays from 10am - 5pm and six days a week for the rest of the year it is packed with lots of exciting
      things and the ex playground has made a fabulous and enviable car park holding up to 20 cars.
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