Page 7 - Art Trail Magazine August 2019
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                                          Opening for the first time this year is the new café which has taken
                                          a while to get right. The kitchen has been fitted out to a very high
                                          standard in a converted shipping container and serves all things

                                          You can choose to have a tasty sandwich made with our own
                                          hand-crafted bread, freshly baked treats or other home-made
                                          nibbles. Find shade in the cosy cabin or chill with an ice-cream
                                          in the sun, our spacious decking is a great place to sit and enjoy
                                          the flowers which are a delight on a summer’s day. Vegetarian &
                                          Vegan options available.

                                          You can spend some time browsing through the artworks in the
                                          Gallery  where  you  will  find  paintings  and  ceramics  mostly  by
                                          Gabrielle Dudley. Her paintings vary in style from photo-realistic
                                          to semi-abstract. Complementing these are her ceramics which
                                          are mostly tiles and mosaics and are distinctive and unique.

                                          The Gallery also shows works by other crafters and makers
                                          ranging from turned wood bowls and platters to hand made quilts.
                                          Beautiful hand built ceramic sculptures, made in the studio by
                                          Julia Webb and Denise two of the members of the Friday pottery
                                          class, make for extra variety in the displays.

                                          For children and the young at heart there is pottery painting. A
                                          plan to offer pottery painting was long cherished by Gabrielle since
                                          taking her grandchildren to a pottery in Scotland fifteen years ago
                                          but none of the studios she used had been suitable for it until the
                                          old school became her new home.

                                          Anyone can spend some time converting unglazed pottery to their
                                          own style and colours. With over 200 different items to choose from
                                          ranging from £1 butterflies to much more intricate and larger items
                                          together and over 40 different colour glazes there is something
                                          that will appeal to just about everyone.

                                          Firing of the pots is usually done at least once a week and more
                                          often in summer. One of the greatest joys is unpacking the kiln to
                                          reveal the results of everyone’s labour. Items can be posted on if
                                          it’s not possible to return to the Gallery to collect in person.
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