Page 11 - CAT Art Trail Magazine February 2019
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Come and learn this wonderful skill in our light, spacious studio provided with all tools and materials. Siramik studio,
    which is situated in the Carmarthenshire Hills, 6 miles north of Carmarthen, has six potter’s wheel and groups will not
    be larger than 6 students, so that individual tuition and attention can be given.

    You will learn how to prepare the clay, how to centre this on the wheel, how to create a cylinder from this centred clay
    and how to create shapes from this cylinder. You will be taught how to create vases, bowls, and depending on the length
    of the course you choose, plates, bigger bowls and the technique for egg holders and nibbles and dip platters. In a
    morning course you can expect to make 4 to 5 good pots.

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