Page 3 - CAT Art Trail Magazine February 2019
P. 3

So  what  can  we look  forward to

                     through the year?

                                                                   o here we are 2019 and the Art Trail is once again
                                                                   up and running. It gives me the greatest pleasure to
                                                              Sreport that we have already have almost all of last
                                                              years members with a renewed subscription. No doubt we
                                                              will pick up as always, many more as the year progresses.

                                                              So what can we look forward to through the year?

                                                              Last year we were not able to produce our printed Directory
                                                              until well into the year. Because of the way we are now
                                                              organising the Art Trail, for the first time we will be able
                                                              to have the Directory printed and out for distribution
                                                              by Easter. So if you are a member of the Trail be sure to
                                                              update your information in time for us to put it together.
                                                              If you are a member of our loyal public, be sure to watch
                                                              out for the Directory, it will be distributed in the usual
                                                              way through the Tourist Information Centres, art centres,
                                                              galleries,  hotels and caravan parks etc.

                                                              There are one or two changes being made this year as a
                                                              result of feedback and I have written a piece for this edition
                                                              of the magazine to tell you about them.

                                                              Of course as always, we depend upon your feedback to
                                                              try and make improvements wherever we can so please be
                                                              sure to let us have any ideas you feel the Trail could use to
                                                              Here we go then with the never ending Trail and our first
                                                              edition of the E-magazine for 2019…………..looking
                                                              forward to seeing you all soon.




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