Page 4 - CAT Art Trail Magazine February 2019
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A New Year and A New Way to See the Trail

                                                                                             by Jamie Herschel

           eredigion is a large spread out county. This has always and continues to present difficulties when
           planning and following the Art Trail. This year your organising committee, in response to feedback,
   Chave decided to try and address this problem by dividing the county into more manageable regions. In
    this way it is hoped that more artists will find they can co-operate to arrange events such as “Super Trail” weeks
    and or special exhibitions. Visitors should find it much easier to organise visits within a manageable distance a
    day or two at a time.  An up to date map is included here, divided into the regions, showing our membership
    county wide.

    You will see from the map that we have decided on three regions, North, Mid and South. Although many artist describe
    themselves as open by appointment that is often primarily because they are very involved in outside exhibitions and
    shows. There is nothing more irritating than turning up at a venue to find no one there. With this in mind, take note of
    the artists you would like to visit and give them a ring to make sure they are ‘at home’, they will be delighted to see you
    if they are.

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