Page 7 - CAT Art Trail Magazine February 2019
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Ceredigion Art Trail SOUTH

    As visitors make their way to the South of our Trail, the topography changes once again. The deep valleys of the North
    give way to flatter rolling countryside. The horizon opens up but here again can be found artists and craft makers in
    abundance. Each with their individual unique creations to delight the eye. You will find yourself spoilt for choice.

    It has long been difficult to have particular weeks for a county wide trail, but throughout last year and it anticipated this
    year, there were numerous Art Trail sponsored open weeks. We hope to build on this concept this year. I will be trying
    to encourage individuals to agree on specific days/weeks when they will make a particular effort to organise ‘Super Trail’
    events when they will be at home for a given period. It is hoped that this idea might take root and these ‘Super’ weeks
    will happen on a regular basis. It is a work in progress and it will largely depend on our members taking up the challenge
    so watch this space.

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