Page 9 - CAT Art Trail Magazine February 2019
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Bespoke mosaics for kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces

               Commissions for school and community centenaries

                                            I can create something unique for you.
                                                                       Mosaics that will beautify your home

                                                                      Thinking of a new bathroom or kitchen?

                                                                                    in schools.
                                                                     I also teach workshops in painting and

 m s                                   Wdrawing              drawing  starts
                                                     a  sketchbook. The
                                        transferred  onto MDF board
                                        which is  overlaid with  a plastic
                                        mesh substrate.  The mesh  allows
                                        a completed mosaic to be
                                        transferred  directly  onto a  wall,
                                        to be  plastered  or integrated
                                        within a wall tiling scheme. I then
                                        begin making the image, bonding
                                        the mosaic tiles to the mesh using
                                        a waterproof PVA adhesive.

                                        I employ traditional mosaic techniques with a distinctive flow of
                                        design. This is called ‘andamento’. I use a mixture of cinca tiles
                                        (unglazed but vitrified tiles from Portugal), broken mirrors - these
                                        can create reflective surfaces, giving greater radiance to the
                                        piece,  vitreous  tiles,  glass  tiles  traditionally  used  for swimming
                                        pools, smalti: traditional Venetian mosaic pieces that can create
                                        a raised decorative effect in a mosaic.

                                        Over recent years, I have begun to encorporate glass fusions
                                        into my mosaics. The final stage is grouting, which fills in any gaps
                                        between the tesserae and helps to strengthen and stablise the
                                        mosaic. This grouting can be done in any colour, although I find
                                        that a mid-grey grout generally works best.

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