Page 6 - Art Trail Magazine July 2019
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                                                                                          Aberystwyth North Beach
                                                                                                  Penny Samociuk


                     orn and raised in Zambia, Penny’s family were originally from Ruthin in North
                     Wales.  In the early fifties they moved to, what was then Northern Rhodesia
              Band she grew up surrounded by the  bold rich colours  and imagery of Africa
               which would later have great influence on  her work.  Studied art and design, as a
               mature student, at the Johannesburg Art foundation in South Africa  before working
               as a freelance Graphic Designer for several years after moving to the UK.

               Penny took up painting again in her spare time after her move to Wales in 1999 and
               full time after the sale of their Brewery business in 2014.

               Working mostly in acrylic with brush, pallet knife and often fingers,  Penny naturally
               prefers to paint on a large scale.  Inspired by the local landscape and fascinated
               with colourful towns and villages of West Wales, flowing/churning water moving
               over  brightly coloured pebbles, swirling mists,  and clouds in fiery skies.  Her work
               is a  cross between the real and the fanciful.

               She  has  a  need  to  create  movement  and  drama  using  expressive  colour  and
               energetic mark making in all her work whether vast cosmic expanses, seascapes,
               landscapes or portraiture.

               Penny will be exhibiting as the Artist of the Month for July in the  Aberaeron Tourist
               Information  Centre  from  1st  July  to  29th  July  2019.    Several  new  works  will  be
               exhibited and available to purchase together with a viariety of  prints and cards.
               Her  work  can  also  be  found  in  Oriel  Bae  Gallery/Siop  y  ffotto  in  Aberystwyth,
               Aberystwyth University Art Centre, Oriel Aeron, Aberaeron and on 19th and 20th
               July she will be exhibiting with other members of Oriel Bae Gallery in the Bandstand
               on the prom in Aberystwyth.

               Two of Penny’s  Limited Edition prints have been selected for the Ardent Gallery
               Open Exhibition in Brecon running from  4th July to 26th July.
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