Page 10 - Art Trail Magazine - November 2018
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Chairman’s Report for 2018 continued....

   fully informed of what was available by the time they came on holiday.
   Due to the lack of outside funding, it was never our intention to produce a printed
   directory but rather just leaflets to be distributed in the usual places directing our
   public to the Website. However, having got the whole thing off the ground and
   working, I turned my attention to the possibility of a printed directory.
   Historically the production costs of a printed directory have been prohibitive and
   given the need to keep membership fees realistic, it would remain so except for a
   totally new approach to how the printing has been done. I have been able to have
   not one but two editions of the printed directory this year so as to accommodate late
   All of this has been achieved with a reduced fee from previous years and if things
   continue as they are I see no reason why we should not be able to do as much in 2019.
   We will not be seeking any increase in membership fees for 2019. So to reiterate,
   apart from the obvious benefit of having an everlasting trail, there is the substantial
   advantage of the constant promotion of artists and craftspeople
   through the directory which again is for the whole year and not just for a short two
   week period. It is clear that we have almost all the counties artists of merit as an entry
   in the ‘Ceredigion Art Trail & Directory’ and it is becoming the first port of call for
   such information.
   At the end of December, all memberships will be due for renewal. Unlike previous
   years however, members have only to pay their new membership fee and their Website
   presence will continue as it is.
   There is no need to re-enter all of your details as in the past as we have setup the
   data base to roll over intact to 2019. We are aware that it is not always convenient
   to meet deadlines exactly, so we have already introduced a one month grace period
   until the end of January 2019. However, if fees are not paid be then your entry will
   automatically be removed.
   It is intended to have a printed directory available in all the usual venues for Easter
   and obviously the preparation for this will begin in January. Therefore if you wish
   to be included in the first edition for Easter, it is imperative that make a point of
   paying your membership fees and also updating all of the information we have on
   the Website as this is where the information for the printed directory is drawn from.
   I would like to take this opportunity of thanking your executive committee for all the
   hard work and time they have given to the Trail to make it the success it has been this
   year. Without them my job would have been infinitely more difficult and the benefit
   members have enjoyed would have been very much diminished.

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