Page 3 - Art Trail Magazine - November 2018
P. 3

                         Christmas Approaches…

                     But the Trail goes on……….

             lthough autumn  has passed and Winter is here, the ‘Trail’
         Acontinues as planned.

         Many of our members are busier than ever with Christmas shows and
         many have their own studios and venues open all the year. So take the
         opportunity of checking out all of the information available on our
         website and in this magazine to make sure you don’t miss out.

         If you are a member of the ‘Trail’ then be sure to update your own
         shows and or availability, studio opening times etc. on your CAT
         Website entries and also on the ‘Events’ page.

         There will be an early edition of the 2019 CAT E-magazine published
         January/February in 2019 so be sure to let our editor have your copy
         and or articles before the end of the year.

         Best wishes

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