Page 5 - Art Trail Magazine - November 2018
P. 5

   The A.G.M. Is the only real opportunity for members to air their views and report
   on good or bad elements of the ‘Trail’ and ‘Directory’. Obviously it is not possible to
   accommodate every view and every idea, but there has to be a starting point for your
   committee to use as a reference for taking the ‘Trail’ forward. That starting point is
   your feedback .

   So to keep abreast of developments and to stay involved please make every effort to
   attend. It is after all your ‘Trail’ and ‘Directory’. While your organising committee
   have and do give up their valuable time completely without reward to keep the Trail
   going, it is only with your support that they can, and will want to continue to do so. I
   hope there will be a good turnout.

   All the existing executive committee apart from Jeni Pain who is standing down, have
   indicated they are willing to stand again and so they are considered as nominated.
   Jeni has kindly agreed to continue with the task of keeping the CAT social media
   updated and as such will be an ex-officio member of the committee.
   With that in mind I invite further nominations for the committee to be considered at
   the A.G.M. when a vote will in the usual way be conducted.

   In the event of no other member wishing to take on the role of Chairman, I am willing
   to continue for another year subject of course to that being agreed at the A.G.M.

                        Llanfair Clydogau, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 8LD
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