Page 8 - Art Trail Magazine - November 2018
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Chairman’s Report for 2018

   When I agreed to take on the role of Chairman in 2017, I agreed to do so only as a
   temporary holding operation. Over many years the ‘Trail’ has had to reinvent itself every
   year as for any number of reasons it just didn’t seem to be working. The consequence
   of this was a constant moving of the ‘Trail’ weeks and redoing the Website accordingly.
   The ‘Trail’ guide has always been produced as a quality publication but was only of real
   use for a very short space of time. Once the trail weeks had passed so had the usefulness
                                                                of the guide.
                                                                Those of you who
                                                                attended last year’s
                                                                A.G.M. will recall
                                                                the lively discussion
                                                                that took place in
                                                                order to try and
                                                                establish the ‘Trail’
                                                                as  a    sustainable
                                                                and        ongoing
                                                                organisation. Many
   of you have been or are members of art or craft groups, music or performance groups
   and as such will be fully aware of the constant difficulty of keeping things fresh and
   progressing. Outside funding for CAT has long since been impossible to obtain as
   indeed it has for many groups and organisations.
   This then was  my starting point  to try and
   reorganise CAT into a sustainable and effective
   organisation. It became clear to me very early
   on in my Chairmanship that in order for this
   to be achieved, a new and novel approach was
   needed and this would be no temporary holding
   Firstly it was agreed that the ‘Trail’ needed to be
   more than a two week wonder. I have been, as I am
   sure many of you have, on a number of Art Trails
   in various parts of the country. It is self evident that
   if you organise the Oxfordshire Art Trial you will
   have the benefit of millions of potential visitors.
   Likewise, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and
   so on.....not so here in Ceredigion. Our local

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