Page 9 - Art Trail Magazine - November 2018
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   population has always and continues to support the arts in a way which is heartening
   and indeed unusual, but it is a small population. In the summer we have a very much
   increased population but it is transitory. No matter which weeks are chosen for the
   ‘Trail’, it will only ever be for those visitors who are here at that time. So which two
   weeks? Which four weeks spread from north to south? Many variations have been
   tried and always it never seemed to satisfy the differing opinions. There was a clear
   and real danger that the whole concept would fall by the wayside and all the hard
   work of preceding years would be lost.
   It was then with this in mind that the “Everlasting
   Trail” was conceived. No more two week arbitrary
   period, now we are open for business all year long.
   Clearly this concept brought with it its own
   problems, but I believe we have overcome most
   of them and in the coming year I think we will
   go even further. There are one or two new ideas
   in the pipeline and hopefully they will help to fill
   the gaps.
   We had intended due to the lack of finance and
   the difficulties of producing a printed directory,
   to move all of the trail and it’s workings online.
   It was intended that the Website would not just
   be an electronic cover of the art trail guide, but
   rather the actual art trail guide. Members have
   been given full access to their own part of the
   Website where they are free to add or alter information as they wish.
   Events can be advertised and linked to members as they wish. The Website is now
   an active and interactive place for both members and the public. We have made it
   possible to plan and save individual ‘Trails’ and information at will. That was done
   very successfully and although there are a few tweaks we need to make, it continues
   to be a huge success.
   Having set the Website up, another innovation was introduced in the form of the
   E-Magazine. This was published monthly during the summer and has now become
   bi-monthly for the autumn and winter period. This publication has allowed us to
   have up to date information on the trail and our members constantly presented to our
   public. It has been universally applauded and I have had many emails from members
   of the public telling me how they have followed developments of the ‘Trail’ and were
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