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      This very short video clip shows how art can be a powerful campaign tool.


      On Sunday 8  September over 50 women born in the 1950s and their supporters worked with Dinas
      Cross artist Marc Treanor to create a 40 metre sand circle in the shape of the Women Against State
      Pension Injustice (WASPI) logo on the beach at Poppit Sands near Cardigan. They were joined by MP

      Ben Lake and Anne Keen, campaign co-founder who had travelled from Merseyside.

      “The  emergence  of  our  giant  logo  in  the  sand  reflected  the WASPI  campaign  itself,”  said Anne.
      “Many women contributed as much as they could. The result was an incredibly powerful message,
      visible from miles away. Unexpectedly the sand circle wasn’t washed away by the tide. The WASPI

      campaign is certainly not going away!”

      Pamela  Judge  from Ceredigion  WASPI  who  organised  the  day added:  “As  well  as highlighting
      our campaign it was a great social occasion. Working together to create the circle was a fantastic
      experience and a lovely way of getting to know other women in the same boat. It has really given

      our energy a boost. We are ready to face the next milestone in the campaign – the decision of the
      Judicial Review which took place in June, which we hope will be favourable to our cause.”

      WASPI is campaigning on behalf of the 3.8 million women – over 5,000 in Ceredigion – born in the
      fifties who lost up to six years of the State Pension they had paid into and were given little or no

      notice of this major change to their financial situation.

      For more information about the WASPI Campaign visit or follow
      Ceredigion WASPI on Facebook.
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