Page 5 - Art Trail Magazine October/ November 2019
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                                         Shall we become the

                               “Art & Craft Trail”?

                                                                                            Jamie Herschel (Chairman)

              he Ceredigion Art Trail has over the years morphed and settled down into a format which is proving to be
              not only sustainable but also allows great flexibility to its members. What started out as a simple two-week
              trail supported by a printed guide has become much more. In many ways the Ceredigion Art Trail has led
      Tthe way for other UK based trails in the way they are now organised.
      As CAT is no longer tied to an arbitrary two weeks it has the ability to spread shows and events over the whole
      year. This has proved to be a great success both for members and the public. Despite keeping membership fees
      very reasonable and stable over the last two years, CAT continues to innovate and introduce whenever possible
      new and fresh ideas. We have introduced the concept of publishing the Directory twice a year and the E-magazine
      on a regular basis bringing together news, events and publicity in a new and exciting way. The CAT website has
      continued as a revolutionary way of allowing both our members full control over their entries while at the same
      time allowing visitors true flexibility in how they organise their participation in the trail. The jewel in our crown
      must be the exceptional wall space provided for the Trail by the Aberaeron Tourist Information Centre and the staff
      who never fail to be as accommodating as possible. Artists and Craft Makers shows and exhibitions which have
      been organised by members, have been supported on many levels by CAT, the result is they have now become an
      established extra facet of the Art Trail. All these different parts to the Trail are facilitated by the considerable time
      given by the Art Trail committee, who receive no remuneration whatsoever. I take this opportunity to thank them
      for their unselfish determination to make sure the Trail continues to flourish and serve the Art & Craft fraternity
      of Ceredigion.

      Now I am going to suggest we go to the next logical step and re-brand our great Trail to “Ceredigion Art & Craft
      Trail”. If you read the August edition of the E-magazine, you may recall my article entitled “What’s in a Name”.
      Indeed, what is in a name? In the case of the Art Trail I think it is misleading. I am not alone in this. Over the past
      few years I have had a number of visitors tell me they have come to the pottery because they are interested in crafts.
      If they had not been pointed in our direction in different ways, they would not have considered the “Art Trail” was
      for them as they have no real interest in paintings and such things!

      Perusing the Tate Art Gallery website, I came across this and I quote,
      “In the past, craft was considered to be a lesser form of art than painting and sculpture
      because the objects made had a domestic function. They were also creative techniques that

      tended to be practiced by women, which contributed to their lesser status. (What can one say. Ed.)
      In the mid-1800s William Morris began to question the differences between art and craft by bringing an artist
      aesthetic to a craft object, like wallpaper design.

                                               Image:- William Morris Wallpaper
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