Page 6 - Art Trail Magazine October/ November 2019
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      During the twentieth century, the boundaries between art and craft became blurred, particularly at the Bauhaus, as
      artists started to experiment with craft practices in their art. The artist Sonia Delaunay created geometric abstracts
      using textiles, whereas Ai Weiwei manipulated traditional methods of crafting in his piece Sunflower Seeds 2010 to
      make a political statement. Today contemporary artists, like Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin, use craft techniques.”
      The Tate does not mention William de Morgan but his work has long been thought of as more art than craft.
      Even people who have only a passing interest or knowledge of Pablo Picasso will be aware of his ability to move
      from pottery to sculpture and then onto painting without ever needing to question his medium, only its ability to
      represent what he needed to create. A perusal of the back list of the Guardian artist of the week makes it almost
      superfluous for me to give any further examples of artists as craftspeople and vice versa, they are there in abundance.

                                             Image:- William de Morgan Tile Panel

      Dodie and I had the pleasure of a factory tour of Moorcroft
      last week and it is hard not to think of their work as being
      a complete example of the boundary where art meets
      craft. The many processes obviously move seamlessly
      from craft to art and back again just depending on which
      stage the various creations are at.

                                                                                Image:- Moorcroft Vase
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