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                                                    Nearly  half  of  CAT  members  are  engaged  in  work  that  would
                                                    not normally be classed as Fine Art, but is in fact an eclectic mix
                                                    of all things Art & Craft in varying degrees. I think the quote
                                                    from the Tate may rather re-class the whole mix of course. More
                                                    important, the majority of our trail “Open Studios”, are those that
                                                    are predominantly involved in this eclectic mix of all things Art
                                                    & Craft. When we talk of Trail being open for visitors, it is these
                                                    studios that provide the backbone to CAT.
                                                    The question is still what’s in a name? There is no point in going
                                                    through that again, but I refer you to my article in the August
                                                    edition of the E-mag for my full musings.

                                                    My quote from the Tate only touches the surface of the many artist
                                                    craft makers that can be shown as examples of the absurdity of
                                                    trying to draw an arbitrary line. More importantly however, we are
                                                    inadvertently cutting out many members of the public who would
                                                    be better informed as to what is on offer by re-branding the Trail.
                                                    In terms of membership, our strength of numbers and financial
                                                    stability is outstanding. We have the very highest standard of
                                                    work as well as the very broadest variety within our membership.
                                                    We need to keep it that way and the more inclusive we are as an
                                                    organisation, the more likely we are to be the fraternity that the
                                                    finest Artists and Craft Makers in Ceredigion will want to be a part
                    Image:- Picasso Jug

      I intend to have this name change as an agenda item at the AGM, so I very much look forward to feedback if you
      would like to add to the general debate. I also look forward to seeing all of our members at the AGM which your
      committee and I will shortly be organising.

      Jamie Herschel


                                                     Image:- Picasso Pitcher
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