Page 10 - CACT Art & Craft Trail Magazine Summer 2021
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Dangerous Corner by JB Priestley.
                                       An  audio  production  accessed  from
                                       our website

                                      Lots of information available on the
                                      website and on Facebook.

                                     It is free to listen to but we area asking
                                     for donations to help pay for the licence
                                    costs of the production. Donations can
                                    be made on our web site or in person at
                                    Fair and Fabulous in Newcastle Emlyn.

                                   The Committee by Melanie Davies. A
                                  black comedy about a theatre committee!
                                 Great fun, with a black twist. If regulations
                                allow we will run for four nights 18th - 21st
                                August and this will be our first production at
                               the Attic Theatre since March 2020!

                              We are longing to reopen and present our
                             stage productions. Information and tickets will
                            be available on our web site www.attictheatre.
                            wales, and tickets also from Fair and Fabulous in
                           Newcastle Emlyn
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