Page 13 - CACT Art & Craft Trail Magazine Summer 2021
P. 13

                                                SPIRIT MAKERS

                                        We are maverick distillers, crafting
                                        bespoke spirits.

                                        We are respectful of tradition but
                                        not constrained by it. We tread
                                        our own path in distilling and are
                                        proud innovators and providers
                                        of bespoke premium spirits to the
                                        drinks industry.

                                        We craft every batch in our copper
                                        pot stills, Afanc & Meredith, in
                                        order to control and supply drinks
                                        of exclusive quality.

                                        Join us at a gin making experience
                                        or  get  in  touch  to  discover  your
                                        gin and create your very own
                                        bespoke product.

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