Page 14 - CACT Art & Craft Trail Magazine Summer 2021
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Capturing A Moment In Time

             ince award-winning distillery In the Welsh Wind moved into a
             new site in March 2019, they have been busy renovating a pub
        Sinto a production facility, shop/visitor centre and exhibition space.
        Uncovering snippets of the history of the building has gone hand in
        hand with the work and the team were particularly excited to discover
        the role of the distillery in a now-iconic photo, taken in 2009.

        The Gogerddan Arms
        Situated on the main A487 at Tanygroes, the Gogerddan Arms pub won
        a design award around the time that it opened in 1965. A Buckley’s pub,
        the new building replaced the original Gogerddan Arms which had been
        constructed sometime in the nineteenth century on the other side of the
        road. A succession of landlords took its toll on the establishment, and in
        2009, the building was showing its age.

        A BMX Biker Paradise

        Although the pub itself was a shade tired by the
        early part of the 21st century, it was the pitch
        of the roof not the quality of the paintwork that
        caught the eye of Jason Phelan, something of a
        BMX legend, and photographer Ricky Adam.
        They were heading to Fishguard to catch a ferry
        back to Ireland for a photo shoot with Jason
        in his hometown of Waterford for DIG BMX

        The story goes that the pair drove passed the distillery at speed but on
        spotting the roof, did a U-turn and headed back to the pub. Unable
        to find anyone to ask, they took matters into their own hands. Jason
        climbed up onto the roof and checked it would hold his weight and that
        of the bike. Ricky handed the bike up and the rest is immortalised in
        what has become an iconic photo in BMX-lore.
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