Page 3 - CACT Art & Craft Trail Magazine Summer 2021
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A New Start!

            For over a year, Covid has cast its shadow over the arts and
            crafts of the whole country. Now at last we see the beginning of
            a new start. Although some of our members have been fortunate
            enough to have had outlets open to the public throughout the
            pandemic, the time has come when a wider engagement with the
            public is possible.

            It is with great pleasure that we are able to publish a number
            of articles in this edition of our E-magazine highlighting the
            re-awakening of the arts & crafts within Ceredigion.

            While it has proved impossible to organise an official Art & Craft
            Trail for 2021, I hope that every opportunity will be taken to
            support the various exhibitions and shows now being organised
            independently by our members.

            As more events are constantly being organised, please visit the
            CA&CT website for full information.


            Jamie Herschel (Chair)
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