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 Red Title indicates Regular Workshops
                                                        Arts and Crafts by
                      Art of Vlad-Art                 Coast to Country Arts

                                  lad-Art  presents                 use       locally
                               Va       collection                 I   sourced materials
                                of Fine  Art  iconic               to  create  rustic
                                landscapes    of                   hand made  crafts
                                Wales created by                   for the  home, and
                                Vladislas,  a  Welsh               bespoke  gifts  for
                                based artist.                      special occasions. I
                                Vlad-Art  offers  a                produce prints, post
                                whole portfolio of                 cards,    greeting
                                hand-drawn pencil                  cards.  Commissions
                                and   watercolours                 and     customised
              artworks  about  landscapes  and  wildlife   work is available on request.
              of the British Isles and can be seen in full
                                                        Market Hall Great Darkgate Street,
                                       Aberystwyth, SY23 1DW
                        Open All Year (Online)      
                                                              Open All Year

                        Averil Rees                   Cardigan Art Society
                        (née Clifford)

                                   r i g i n a l                       ardigan   Art
                               Op ain t in g s ,                   CSociety  is  a
                               greetings cards and                 group   of  artists
                               colour reproduction                 based    in  West
                               prints.                             Wales, around the
                               I   specialise   in                 town of Cardigan.
                               original  seascapes                 The society usually
                               and    landscapes,                  meets  on  the  third
                               selling  in  local                  Thursday  of each
                               galleries.    The                   month at Theatr
                               greetings   cards                   Mwldan       and
              and  prints  are  from my  paintings.  After   organise a programme  of workshops,
              a brain haemorrhage in 1993 I had to   demonstrations and talks by both
              learn to paint with my ‘wrong’ hand.   members and invited artists.

                    17 Parc Craig Glais, Queens Road,    Theatr Mwldan Bath House Road,
                       Aberystwyth, SY23 2HQ                 Cardigan, SA43 1JY
                          07919 593405               
                                  Open All Year
                        By Appointment Only

            10                more information online at
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