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 Red Title indicates Regular Workshops

                      Chris Davey Art                     Claire Parsons

                                  xpressive  work                      ri g i na l ,
                               Ei n v e s ti g a ti n g            Ohandprinted
                                p s y c h o l og ic a l            quirky images  of
                                l an d s c ap e s ,                mainly  animals  and
                                both inward  and                   birds.  “I  am  mainly
                                o u t w a r d . C h r i s          influenced  by  the
                                has  studied  fine                 countryside around
                                art  at  first  year               me,   the    West
                                u n d e r gr a du a t e            Wales    coastline
                                level.  His  drawings              and  the  pets  I  live
                                and  paintings  are                with. All prints  are
              usually based on an intense study of   handprinted by myself, so though from the
              reality  but  the  final  images  are  always   same plate, there will be slight variations”.
              mediated  or  created using imagination
              and unconscious feeling.
                                                         Gelli Ddyfod, Llanfair Clydogau,
                                                            Lampeter, SA48 8LG
                               
                      Opens for Exhibitions Only           By Appointment Only

                Coloured Earth Pigments                 Createspace Wales
                    at Celtic Sustainables          Artist studios and residencies
                               H  igh     Quality,                 A converted   old
                                                                      r ecent l y
                                  non-toxic, earth
                               and mineral  based                  barn,    designed
                               pigments.                           with artists  in  mind.
                               Coloured     Earth                  A ccom m oda t ion
                               Pigments      are                   consists  of    a
                               available  in  63                   kitchen,  bathroom,
                               colours.  In  stock  at             lounge  area  and
              Celtic Sustainables, Cardigan. As well as            mezzanine bedroom.
              in the home, our products are creatively  This contemporary art space is made for
              used by artists and craftspeople all over  painters, illustrator, designers, makers  to
              the UK.                             be immersed in an inspiring and creative
                                                  environment. There is also the opportunity
                                                  to take part in group exhibitions  plus
                                                  running your own workshops. Wifi included.
                     Unit 9 Parc Teifi Business Park,
                        Cardigan, SA43 1EW                  Heol Las Fawr, Ferwig,
                           01239 777009                    Cardigan, SA43 1QA
                           
                           Open All Year          For more information go directly to the createspace
            12                more information online at
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