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Andie Clay                       Andrew Francis
                  Contemporary Fine Artist

                                  ndie   is  an                        orks  mostly in
                               Aaward-winning                      Wl andsca pe
                               fine   artist.   The                painting and  uses
                               alchemy   of  her                   a variety  of media,
                               personal    vision                  from acrylic and
                               leads to abstracted                 oil to  collage and
                               paintings    and                    found  materials.  His
                               drawings  on  paper                 subject  matter  is
                               and canvas.  Using                  Wales and the west
                               strong,  energetic                  country, particularly
                               and  sensitive  mark-               his  home  county  of
              making  together with  expressionistic   Ceredigion. Andrew is currently studying
              use of colour,  Andie’s work describes a   for an MA in  Fine  Art at  Aberystwyth
              flow  of  energy,  its  undertow  repeatedly   University.
              drawing her back to the present moment.
                         Porth, Blaenporth,                   Fforest Adpar,
                        Cardigan, SA43 2AP                Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9PX
                          01239 810713                        01239 711041
                                      
                        By Appointment Only                By Appointment Only

                       Anita Woods                   Art by Osian Gwent BA
               Art Workshops & Painting Holidays           (Hons)  Fine Art

                                   ae       Anita                   nspired  by   an
                               MWoods yn artist                    Iemotional response
                                ffigurol  sy’n  cael               to the landscape of
                                ei hysbrydoli gan                  Wales,  in  particular
                                anifeiliaid,y  tirlun              to the  texture  and
                                a’r  môr  o  amgylch               quality  of  light,
                                ei  chartref  yng                  which is a vital part
                                ngorllewin  Cymru,                 of the mood of the
                                lle mae yn byw.                    paintings. “I draw in
                                Figurative  artist                 the landscape and
                                inspired  by  the                  then paint intuitively
              animals, landscape and sea of West  in the studio, so that the work both has a
              Wales where she lives.  See Website for  sense of place, and yet can also evoke
              exhibitions.                        memories and personal interpretations in
                                                  the viewer”.
                     Bythynnod Pengwernydd Cottages,    Laurels Gallery 30 Short Bridge Street,
                  Pengwernydd, Ystrad Meurig, SY25 6DS      Llanidloes, SY18 6AD
                       01974 200815  07891 919444             07484 763507
                                       
                        By Appointment Only                  Open All Year

                              more information online at  9
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